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2013, cheer up beautiful water lily


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The person who made all this randomness is a compulsive sap who insists on assembling original gift cards (and other stuff on occasion) rather than dishing out dough for generic duplicates.

The genesis of said cards goes something like this: first comes colored paper and poster board then personal photos with attractive print from tea bags, instructional booklets, comics, envelopes, and so on — whatever catches my eye. Some cards are sewn on, which holds better than glue!

Most of these cards were given to family, friends, coworkers and are currently in homes (or trash bins, aww) all over the States.

workspace Miscellaneous items were made by envisioning new uses for discarded things.

The bunny plush was cut out of a worn t-shirt then stuffed with cotton. Kitty bag was made from a pant leg and scrapped bed sheets. Kitty t-shirt was made from an old t-shirt and drawn on with the sewing machine. The daily planner is just like the cards. The shrine wheels were made of sewing hoops and various natural beads and threads. Lastly, the bird feeder was carved from a gourd and bound with twine.